Super Size Your Fries, Not Your Goals!

FINISH - Cut Your Goals in Half

So – Jon Acuff tells us to CUT OUR GOAL IN HALF…Isn’t this GREAT news?  I bet there is SOMETHING in here for you!  We can ALL be winners now as we will be achieving goals by being consistent FINISHERS!  Check out what he says about this…

This is Chapter 2 in our review of New York Times Best Selling Author, Jon Acuff’s new book, FINISH.  The title of this chapter is “Cut Your Goal in Half.”

So…New Year’s Eve will be upon us before we know it.

How many of you make New Year’s Resolutions?

Most of us do…but I know some of you probably don’t.  But that is OK.

For 2018 – Let’s really THINK about what we want to accomplish.

Most of us make these really HUGE goals.  WHY?


Yep.  Perfectionism.

So – tell me if this doesn’t sound like something you have done before:

You are thinking about a goal and then you just start getting all of these other ideas as to what to do with this goal and how much this goal really NEEDS to be THIS or THAT…then your goal is now TWICE as big as it was when you first started thinking about it.  Then as you continue to think about it, “Well – if I am going to do this, then I could REALLY knock this thing out of the park if I did THIS.  NOW your goal is this MONSTROSITY!

You end up NEVER starting it.

We have now run smack into the 2nd Lie of Perfectionism:  Your Goal Should Be BIGGER.

IF you DID end up starting it – if you DID push through this initial barrage of insults perfectionism launched against your idea, it now starts telling you all these excuses:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • I’m not in shape
  • I’m not that talented
  • I’m not that smart
  • Other people are smarter
  • Someone has already done this before

And the list could go on and on and on…you know how you have been lied to before!

And if you even happen to bust through these excuses and survive, perfectionism changes it’s tune and then starts to tell you:

  • Well – in order to do this right, it has to be perfect.  You are never going to get this perfect!
  • You can’t miss a day…
  • Every meal has to be 100% exact!

THEN: don’t we end up thinking – I know I do:

“If I am going to do something, shouldn’t it be really amazing?  Rock The World caliber stuff?”

…So you saw that dreadful BMI (body mass index) scale on the doctor’s office wall…it says that for your height, you are 40 pounds overweight.  You are going to die from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and the west nile & zika virus before you are 30!

  • You set your goal to lose 40 pounds in four months since your 30th birthday was 18 years ago.

You get on this grandiose exercise and diet plan that Arnold Schwarzeneggar wouldn’t have even been able to adhere to…and you lose 5 pounds in the first week.

Then week two comes around and you don’t lose anymore.  Week 3 – you gain 2 pounds.



THERE’S Good News!

Jon says START your journey toward your goal by CUTTING YOUR GOAL IN HALF!

Yep – you are a great reader…Jon says, “Cut your goal in half.”

Not me, John…Jon, as in Acuff who wrote this book, FINISH said that!

So – think with me here…your weight loss goal started probably at 20 lbs but ended up at 40 lbs since you figured if you could lose 20 lbs, why not lose 40 lbs and look like _______ (insert your favorite musician, actor or actress or other person you secretly envy.)

So follow me here…what started as 20 lbs ended up at 40 lbs when your goal grew into that MONSTROSITY.  So…go back to the original 20 lb goal and cut it in half.

10 lbs.



(Remember – you lost 5 lbs in the first week!)

Don’t you agree with me that when you WON and reached HALF of the half of your goal in the first week that just THAT, in and of itself, would give you some serious motivation???

(The correct answer is YES…)

So – the take home on this is that when you reach your goal of 10 lbs…then you can “goal-up” and go for another 10 lbs.

You are going to be soooo psyched!  I KNOW it!

Doesn’t this strategy sound GREAT???

OK – now Jon is a very smart guy…what about goals that we CAN’T cut in half?

Like debt?

He reminds us that what we are talking about right not isn’t: (Remember we are up against quitting)

  1. Finish perfectly.
  2. Cut the goal in half.

These are not the choices we are debating.  The choices are:

  1. Quit the goal because it was too big.
  2. Cut it in half and FINISH it.

He is trying to keep us out of the 92% that fail.

He suggests – in the case of something that cannot be cut in half, like debt…to just extend the timeline.  (YES – he knows you will pay a little more in debt – he used to work for Dave Ramsey.)  BUT – you will at least be paying something off instead of little to nothing because you are overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about goals at work that your boss gave you.

So you don’t really have the power to just tell your boss that the goals he set for you that the company set for him are unreasonable and are too large.  You may want to take the approach that there is research suggesting that reduced goals perform better over the long run – so therefore, we need to set the right goal in the first place.

Some of you may work for companies that set unrealistic goals and EVERYONE knows they are overzealous in their vigor to stimulate production from employees…actually…it does just the opposite, right?  Few things demoralize a workforce like a leader who doesn’t pick the right goal.

Jon says that Chapter 7 will speak more to this…so hang in there.

So – back to those who “still don’t believe Jon Acuff”…

  • Let’s take a look at it this way:

You are a compulsive house cleaner.  BIG TIME OCD when it comes to cleaning your house.  You have to clean the ENTIRE house at ONE TIME.  But you can never find the time to do it all.

How about just doing 2 rooms?  And clean and de-clutter those 2 rooms till your OCD self is satisfied.

BOOM!  Major accomplishment!  AND you FEEL GOOD about it, right?

PERFECTIONISM will tell you it’s now or never – forever obsessed with the idea that if you don’t finish it NOW, you never will.  (That’s a lie….)

Jon says that most New Year’s resolutions are actually January resolutions, since most never see ground hog day!  Many exhaust themselves in the first three weeks of the year – this is perfectionism trying to get into your timeline!

So – what’s the WORST that can happen if you cut your goal in half or extend the timeline out to twice as long?  Jon says that the statistics say that we improve our odds of success by 63%!

Jon reminds us that this whole idea of cutting our goals in half goes against all conventional wisdom that you may have ever heard.

But we are trying to accomplish two things:


So there it is!

I can’t be more excited to accomplish more yet this year and then go into 2018 with great ammunition to fight perfectionism.

What about you?

How does this new idea strike you?  Do you think it will work for you?

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2 thoughts on “Super Size Your Fries, Not Your Goals!

  1. Good idea but I recommend writing your goals on paper and placing them in the open- desk, mirror etc. and asking someone to keep you accountable.

    • Yeah – that’s a great idea, Thad. The basis of this cutting our goals in half is to keep us in the game so that we at least finish…even if it is only for half. Then we can “goal-up” and chase the 2nd half after we have created momentum from achieving the first half!