The Trump Inauguration – 10 Observations

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This is NOT a POLITCAL post…read on…

Here we are!  On the cusp of another Presidential term full of what some see as hope and change.  I am excited to see what this might mean.

Others are full of fear and trepidation.  Understandably so.

At the beginning of the Obama terms in 2008 & 2012, hope and change were also at the forefront.  At that time, I was excited to see what that might mean.

Here are some observations that I think we can ALL learn from:

  1. Your life is not going to end.  Your life is not going to be astronomically better.
  2. We are going to see a totally different leadership style from the last eight years.  Good or bad!
  3. ACTUALLY – we are going to see a leadership style that has never been seen from the Oval Office!
  4. We are seeing a drastically different speaking style from the polished, feel-good style of President Obama, to the matter-of-fact, in-your-face style of President-elect Trump.
  5. It appears that the in-coming president is utilizing people from a vast array of backgrounds.
  6. We are seeing a President-elect utilize social media in ways that it has never been used before.  Good or bad!
  7. We are seeing a President-elect that has torn down the business-as-usual way of doing things – during the primary, during the general election, and most-likely during his term as president.
  8. The mainstream Washington-machine may become a relic after these next 4 years.
  9. This President-elect is not afraid of the media and has actually by-passed them.
  10. This President-elect is not afraid to call people out.  Good or bad.


We need to become a better people by not hating each other.  We are on the same team, remember??

IT can all start with each of us individually…despite what may be happening in D.C.

IT begins with each of our interactions with each other each day.

DO NOT FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE SET BY THE PRESIDENT-ELECT.  If you don’t like what you see in him – do and act better in your daily life!

BOTH sides are guilty…let’s ALL rise above the fray.

BE NICE to each other!

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