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FINISH - Hiding Places & Noble Obstacles

Hiding Places and Noble Obstacles

Have you ever noticed that when you get close to completing a goal or project that everything else starts to look really good?

We are on Chapter 5 of New York Times Best Selling Author Jon Acuff’s new book, FINISH.  The name of this Chapter is Leave Your Hiding Places and Ignore Noble Obstacles.

As we have already learned – PERFECTIONISM is the DESTROYER of our Goals!  Now – we learn that just when you get ready to near the FINISH LINE of a Goal or Project, perfectionism puts up two DISTRACTIONS in our path:

  1. Hiding Places
  2. Noble Obstacles

HIDING PLACES: an activity you focus on INSTEAD of your Goal.  (some may call this nasty procrastination…although, this is a more professional way to refer to it:  hiding place!  Then you don’t have as much guilt…!)

NOBLE OBSTACLES: a virtuous-sounding reason for not working toward a finish.

Have you ever noticed where you go or what you do to “escape”?  It is usually an activity of unproductivity…TV, computer card games, Social Media…anything that allows you to escape your fear of messing up.

OR – actually, Jon says this WILL happen on DAY 1 of your new goal:  You will have a super new idea for a goal that is really, really, tempting.  Delightfully tempting.

Don’t do it.

Just don’t do it.


That’s right…use it as a reward for FINISHING the goal you just started on!


OK – NOW…a different kind of noble obstacle will show up.  The one that says that if you are going to do it – you might as well do it right.

This is one that I fall for quite often:  my desk is a chronic mess.  (BUT – I know where everything is on my desk and it doesn’t bother me…it bothers my wife.  BIG TIME!)  So – what happens, is when I get ready to start a new project, I tell myself, well I better clean and organize my desk because I won’t have time to do it once I get in the middle of this project.


I waste a whole week doing this.

Because…I have to find places to put some of this stuff…and the place where I am putting the stuff then needs to be organized and re-shuffled and the place where the re-shuffled stuff is supposed to go also needs to be cleaned and junk thrown out and then I need to get some extra shelves or “organizing bins” in order to make this work right…

I think I need some coffee now.


FINISHERS make things easier & simpler.

Questions you should always ask:

  1. Could things be easier?
  2. Could things be simpler?

Simpler and Easier

There is ALWAYS a way to make something easier and simpler.

SO – take the offense out on the field and quit making excuses and hiding.  Mr. Procrastination will find you, and he will stash all your Goals in a basket in the back, dark corner of your basement where you will never see them again!

Do you have a unique way you procrastinate or hide – or have a noble obstacle?  Share below!

P.S. – I am thinking of starting a 10-day “Set Your Goal for 2018” Bootcamp next week.  This will take place December 11-20th.  This is where I am going to email you ONE Thing to do each day that will take you 15 minutes (tops) to get you all set to start off 2018 with some new FIRE!  And best of all…I am going to do this for FREE!

I am not going to do this for only a few people – so, if you want to take a little journey with me, DON’T PROCRASTINATE IN LETTING ME KNOW!

If you are interested, email me by just replying to this email or: john@johnhelmicksuccess.com.



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