Why Aren’t You Having Fun?

Perfectionism Says You Can't Have Fun

Make Your Goals Fun

So why do we pick goals for ourselves that aren’t fun?  We increase our satisfaction by 31% if we pick goals that we believe will be enjoyable.  Further, if you pick an enjoyable goal, you increase performance success by 46%!

We are on Chapter 4 of our review the book, FINISH by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jon Acuff.  The title of this chapter is Make It Fun If You Want It Done.

Jon gives us yet another tool to use on offense against our assault on Perfectionism which is our worst enemy of finishing our goals.

The 4th Lie of Perfectionism is: Fun Doesn’t Count.

The idea isn’t JUST to pick goals that are fun…because some times we don’t have a choice when picking our goal – we just know we have to get this DONE – so we are left with MAKING it FUN!

Jon gives us two ways to make our goals more fun, depending on how you relate to the two motivating factors:

  1. Reward Motivation
  2. Fear Motivation

Some of us are wired to be motivated by rewards.  For instance, I will reward myself after writing this blog post by chilling and reading a really fun book that I can’t wait to get in to.

OR – some of are more motivated by fear.  An example of this would be:  I fear not getting this blog post written because I would let all my subscribers down if I don’t get this out there.  So I am trying to prevent letting all of you reading this down.

These are the two ways to look at rewarding yourself depending on which way you are wired.

Jon has some great examples of real people using rewards to motivate themselves…of which I won’t go over here – you should just go out and get the book…yeah…REWARD yourself!

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